Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crazy good week - 1/14/15

Wow this week has been sooo hectic but awesome. We had zone training meeting and afterwards we had exchange with Elder Mellor. And then it just went crazy from there.

Sunday: Elder Sabey and I gave talks and it went pretty well. We were hoping for 6 investigators to come to church but pretty much all of them bailed on us. Even Sean didn't come to church this Sunday. But we did have 1. Joseph came! You know crazy Italian Joseph! I was so pumped and just happy. That made my day. Then we just tried everybody we could see. We were only in the apartment for like 5 minutes to quickly pack to go spend the night in Natchitoches to drive to Baton Rouge. So we were busy and we got 10 lessons in one day! That's like a new record even compared to my Africa record. We were pretty happy. And they were all super solid. I definitely felt the spirit that day.

Travel: Basically our district and especially our Elders have become super tight. I think I’ll try to go to Elder Sabey's homecoming when he is done. It was long but fun. We spent the night with the AP's.
We also went and saw the original Cane's restaurant at LSU.

Elder Teh (First Quorum of the Seventy): So it was super good. We had a leadership meeting and he talked about how he has noticed that people seem to take on the personalities of the leader. So our example is super important. Another really cool thing he said is that Exact obedience is different then perfection. We can't achieve perfection in this life but we can be exactly obedient and that is what the Lord expects of us. He also said that with all callings in the church you are not called because of what you are but because of who you will become. He also talked a lot about the difference between doing missionary things and doing missionary work. It was kinda funny he said the word "chillin" during the meeting and he was like, "That's probably not a phrase that general authorities should use. I’ll be sure to forget it next time I talk to President Monson." The meeting was just jam packed with the spirit.
Elder Brimhall (Served in Sierra Leone with Elder Lehr): I just have to say talking with him really made my day. I loved speaking Krio with him and just comparing our missions together. It was great. 

That's basically been this week. Its been hectic and its been a party and its been spiritually uplifting.

I love you all
Elder Christian Lehr

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