Monday, September 8, 2014

Out in the Boonies - 9/8/14

I have to say it has been nice to be able to drive again. This week was pretty good. We actually were able to get 9 lessons which is good for our area. So I'll start with the investigators.

Investigators: Well we went out to Zwolle and saw a potential investigator named Ramond who is this large awesome black man who is missing almost all of his teeth and is just as hard to understand as Ross from work haha. It's kinda funny. We saw him in a wheelchair and wondered what was wrong and he was like "Oh I can walk. I just like being in a wheelchair. It's easier." haha He is funny. Anyway we taught him lesson 1 and that went really well. He promised to read the Book of Mormon and asked us to come again this upcoming Wednesday. So yay for new investigator! We were not able to see Marty this week but we will keep trying.

Less active: We saw quite a few less actives and sadly none of the ones we taught came to church. But it was awesome to see another less active family come to church even though we didn't see them. And it was the whole family! And the less active father bore his testimony. It was cool.

Companion: Elder Hacking and I are getting along ok. He is probably the hardest companion I have had so far on mission but I mean I have had some awesome companions. Elder Hacking is a good guy though.

Storm: We had a pretty nice thunderstorm here the other day. It was kinda scary. Apparently there was a tornado that hit ground in our area just about 18 miles away from us.

Food: We got fed quite a bit this week which was wonderful. We were invited to a fish fry which was awesome. We had fried catfish which is really good. Also the biscuits here are soooo good. Yeah it's gonna be hard to get my beach body back again haha.

Well I love you all
Love Elder Lehr

ps: I found out that my whole area was pretty much outlaw land. And there is a city in our area called Robeline which is short for RobberLine. pretty cool huh? I'm in outlaw land! And the pictures are me on a tractor, an epic sword and hand ax, and a snack that our ward mission leader killed with a gun right before dinner. Thought you would like that mom :) (yeah right!)

"Snack" shot before dinner by the ward mission leader. Hmmmm

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