Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long week in Many - 9/2/14

So since we had no miles we were stuck in Many all week. So it was really really hard to find stuff to do in this tiny city. It's a pretty nice city but still really small. I don't think this email will be too long since we really just didn't have much. It was really hard because all of our investigators here can only see us in the evening (if they can see us) and we already visited all the less actives we could. We checked the former investigator list and everything and there was just no work. But I'm glad that's over with. Now we have miles and I'm happy :) I love our truck. Oh and those packages made my day. That was awesome. Pok√©mon wrapping and everything.

Investigator: So Marty is probably our best investigator. He was in prison for like 10 years but has completely changed his life around. He currently works doing A/C and he is taking care of his mother. So we finally got a chance to see him and he told us that we always seem to come right when he needs company. Because he really doesn't get out much anymore since it's just him and his mom. And he is just such a blessing and a tender mercy to me.

Service: Yesterday we went to a recently activated family's house and helped them clean their yard and back porch and man I love that family. But that house is pretty bad. It is soo cockroach infested and I HATE those little demons of evil so much. The house is probably a little worse than the "Kissy dungeon" too. ugh (shivers) anyway I felt really good after doing the service because they needed it. (Apparently living with all those cockroaches in the "Kissy Dungeon or apartment" have cursed Elder Lehr for life!)

Oh last miracle is we had one less active brother come to church! so cool.
anyway sorry this is short but I don't have much time.
Love you all
Elder Lehr

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