Friday, March 14, 2014

The Good Life - 1/13/14

So this week has been really good but hard as normal. So here goes :)

Investigators: So we have been trying hard to contact tons of people and that we did. So far out of like 20 people we contacted 3 seem like they will progress. It was really cool though we contacted this old man who is paralyzed in his right arm and leg because of a stroke. His name is Harold. He is a muslim but his wife is christian which is very common here. So we shared with him the plan of salvation and he was so interested and was really wanting to know more about the pre-earth life. He then asked for a "Bible" so we gave him a Book of Mormon. He read the introduction already and wants us to come back and explain it more. He is even marking the parts he likes. Also his wife was there for one lesson and we planned to see them both this Wednesday so that will be great :)

Being bounced: One hard thing and i don't know how it keeps happening but what happens is we make like 8 appointments and back up plans and some how ALL of them fail. Everyone keeps bouncing us. It's really funny but kinda discouraging. So we continue to work and contact more people:)

More of the food: So this week we bought some goat meet to eat with our rice and we found out that he put an entire goat heart in the meat. So that's one more i can add to the list :) It's actually really good. But man I have to say rice is evil. It's so good and dirt cheap. haha evilllll. (That’s because he’s gained so much weight from it that he can barely fit in his pants.)  Oh and really cool thing. I found out how to make peanut butter by myself and it's really good and a TON cheaper than buying peanut butter.So that's a blessing. 

Joseph Just Try Sandi Being the Man: So I love Joseph. He is so good and so powerful. He has been helping Gbesseh a ton and also has been trying really hard to bring all of his friends into the church and even simply everyone around him. He is super bold and has such a strong testimony now and will bring others to church with him. He even got a suit coat which makes him look like a bodyguard haha. Man he is such a great man. Also funny story. So there is this little 6 year old boy who really likes Joseph and his parents are both Muslim but he LOVES going to church. Everyday he asks Joseph if they are going to church. While we were teaching Joseph the little boy came and even invited his 4 year old friend to join us and was like "she needs to go to church". haha It made my day.

Gbesseh: Man this guy is sweet. He was interviewed and will be baptized this Saturday. He can't read but has such a strong desire. The gospel has changed his life so much. He used to smoke, drink and do bad things, but now he has left them all and has changed so much. He has a great light about him and is like Joseph and just wants all of his friends and family to join the church.

Well This has been a crazy week and I am really looking forward to what will happen this next week. I love you all soo very much.

Elder Christian Lehr

Joseph and Elder Lehr

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