Friday, March 14, 2014

The Week-1/20/14

This week has been hard but quite a bit of miracles. One interesting news is that my area got split and so now we have 6 Elders serving in my branch. Also I have to laugh because Elder Spencer Lehr said that there was a bunch of girl problems in the MTC (Spencer just mentioned the missionaries needed to be reminded that not to flirt) and here in BO there are no sister missionaries. Not even African sisters here in BO. So we don't have to worry about that. 

Oh, one cool thing is one of the Elders that came into our branch can play piano. Which is really good. Last week we came early to church so i was just messing around on the keyboard and the branch president asked if i could try to play top hand on the piano. I tried and it turned out pretty good but lets just say i am happy that someone who actually can play piano is here.

More Area stuff: So now is the middle of the dry season. We have pretty much no light at all now and we don't have money as a district to buy fuel for the generator so we have to live off candle lights and flashlights. It's so fun. :) And since we have no light that means that we can't preserve any food in the refrigerator. Writing by candle light would be romantic if I was actually writing to a girl. But i am a missionary and just wrote in my journal. Oh and also soon the water in the well will probably dry so I'll have to bathe with just 2 water bottles. I'm excited it sounds like a man challenge.

The Baptism: So Gbesseh was baptized and it was awesome. One of my recent converts actually was able to baptize him while I confirmed him. There was a really cool miracle. A man named Samba who we contacted has read the Introduction and the testimonies and prayed about it and he says he believes that the Book of Mormon is true and that this is the true church. Samba then came to the baptism and said "this is the correct way to baptize" we are planning to baptize him on Feb 15 and that is so sweet.

Another Miracle: So we have been getting bounced like crazy. Almost none of the appointments we make actually go through. But while we saw Gbesseh yesterday we invited one of our potential investigators to come who is actually Joseph's uncle. He joined us and is really interested in the church. He is really struggling with life and has a word of wisdom issue but he has seen the difference in Joseph, Gbesseh, And James and he wants that change. So we hope that will turn to something.

Joseph gave us a referral to his group of guy friends. They are so fun. One thing i have learned though was never mention America. If i do that then that's all they will talk about for an hour. It was really funny though they were like "If your child is breaking the law don't send them to prison send them to Sierra Leone. They will be begging to come back and will do anything. This place is hell." Man we were laughing pretty hard at it and especially the way they said it because they are black. Man they are so fun but they actually might progress.

Well this is all this week love you all
Elder Christian Lehr

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