Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This All Makes Sense - 12/23/13

Paul, Elder Hovley, Joseph and Elder Lehr
This week has been so amazing. Ok I'll start:
Baptism: I was able to baptize Paul and Elder Hovley baptized Joseph. They were both simply so happy and the spirit was so strong. I loved it so much. They have such a good light to them now. And we have one more girl named Tenneh who is going to be baptized this Saturday. She is such a sweet but very very timid girl. She was probably beaten a lot as a child but sadly that's normal here. She is a hard worker and is very dedicated to the church. Whenever we talk about her baptism she lights up. Oh and funny thing about Joseph. It's hilarious Just Try is his middle name so that's what we said during the baptism and confirmation. And they were both confirmed on Dec 22, Noelle's birthday :) That's my present to you Noelle.
Sweet Miracle: So on Saturday night we were walking home when this man came up to us and asked if we were missionaries. We talked a little and he is a grand prince in Kumasi, Ghana. His father is the king of the village and area and he was so interested in the gospel. He came to church and loved it. He actually said in Elder's Quorum that he was about to go watch football but he decided to come to church and  was very glad he decided to do that. He is going back to Ghana soon so we gave him a Book of Mormon and are going to give him as a referral.
Other miracle is that all 5 of my recent converts so far are super active and one wants to serve a mission. They are all so great. And we have been working with a lot of less actives and it's been good. They are slowly regaining their testimony and it's a miracle.
Other cool experience the other day we were teaching a man named Gbesseh and he asked why he wasn't feeling the spirit in his life. Even when he prayed at night. I felt inspired and told him that with repentance we don't only leave the bad bad things but we fill our time doing good like reading our scriptures (or for him marking Lord, God, Jesus Christ because he can't read) and by going to church and participating in activities. He then felt the spirit testify that this is what was missing and he got happy and was like "this all makes sense" and he has quit smoking and is probably going to be baptized in January.

Area: So now is the cold season where the cold winds from Egypt roll in. So in day time it's about 80 degrees and in morning it's about 65. It's really cold in the morning but I really like it. And another good thing about it being cold is that there are not so many naked people walking around. Honestly life is good here. I get a little homesick sometimes but life is good. I'm working hard. It's kinda funny because now I'm used to seeing black people and I'm surprised to see a white person. haha
Today is a Bi-zone super Pday so it's gonna be a party and really busy.
I love you all so much
Love Elder Christian Lehr

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