Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I feel full of love-12/17/13

One of the beautiful sunsets in Bo, West Africa!

Ok to start this week. It's been pretty good. We had Christmas Conference yesterday so that's why I'm emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday. It was really good. So to organize the letter:

Work: So it's pretty crazy we got like 6 referrals this last week. We are teaching about 20 different people so we are always super busy. Work work. It's good though.
Miracles. So this section will be pretty big. First off Joseph and Paul are getting baptized this week :) It makes me so happy. They are so great. A really cool experience was we invited Joseph to come with us to family home evening at President Gwehns (branch president) and he told us that he really felt something there and that this is what he wants in his life. And he wants to marry in the temple too. It's great. Next one is we were walking and found a less active member and just started talking to her and invited her to come to our activity last Saturday and she came and participated and is really great. Then we found that her brother is one of our investigators who is a teacher that is really interested. So they can support each other in coming back to church.

Funny stories: So it's become a habit for me to check the walls of the bathroom every time I enter. Which is a good thing too because this was the biggest spider even Elder Hovley has seen. It was the size of my face this time.. really really big and scary. And I don't know if these big spiders are the infamous ogre faced spider or not, so yeah. All I know is that it is big.

Football: To let you know I will now be referring to soccer as football. ok done. So I have decided that Chelsea is my favorite football team. I even bought a full jersey and shorts for 5 bucks.
really good deal. I absolutely love football now it is so much fun. And we started inviting investigators to come play with us which has been great. It gives them friends and helps build our relationship and it's just flat out fun. I'm going to do this when I get home. It's so fun.

Christmas: I finally got some packages :) 3 to be exact. And not to worry the Ipod came, thank you. But the cord to charge it wasn't there so I bought one today. (Actually it was, he just didn't look hard enough). I love my district it feels like Christmas almost all the time. It's so great. I am loving it here. It's hard work but it's great.

Withdraws: I have noticed that every week I have some strange withdraw and then I get over it. The first week it was my family and that was a big one. Others have been small. One week it was Tifa our dog, pokemon another week, getting info quickly, being able to learn random facts, Fruit salad, gummy candy. And this past week it was seeing white women. I miss all my white women friends haha. But it is passing. I simply pray and ask to be able to focus and resist temptation and it's gone. Simple as that.

My growth: Lately I have realized how selfish I really was and that is something that has been difficult my whole life. I am working hard to become less selfish and patient. It feels good when I'm not selfish. (I think the only thing he was ever selfish about was getting his sleep whenever he wanted it.  Well, and not wanting hugs from mom when he became a teenager.)

Other growth I've had is in my belly and my booty haha yup I'm getting a butt again. I was trying to gain weight and it's working but now the problem is that my pants are too tight. So I'll be running every morning to keep myself fine. Also I am working on my penmanship now. Every night for 30 min. I simply feel full of love. And it feels great. I want to get back and share it with all of you right now but I know that will have to wait. I gotta share it with these wonderful people here. :)

Love Elder Christian Lehr

Christmas Conference - Elders Symons, Woodhead and Lehr (nice ties)

Elder Hovley and Elder Lehr (and other Elders)

Bo East, Bo West and Kenema Zones

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