Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hard but great-12/9/13

This week has been pretty fun. I absolutely love Elder Hovley. We get along so well. He is almost just like me and so it's really funny a lot of the time. I'm so excited for Spencer to enter the MTC. But pshhhha Provo MTC. He is so spoiled. haha He better enjoy it. I can't remember a lot of what
happened this week since I have a little bit of a headache and I have a slight cold but I'll try.

People: One of our investigators is a teacher for 6 year olds and it's so funny. He had their little kids sing for us about Jesus and it was so cute. Then they clapped for themselves. He then asked us to teach them something so we taught baptism and it was so funny. Ahh I love little kids. They are so gross (Dirty), but so much fun.

Food: The craziest thing I have eaten has been cow skin which is pretty good. Though my companion has had monkey and cat. He says they taste good but just mentally it's weird. I enjoy the food a lot here. I usually just eat tons of eggs for breakfast. I love that.

Soccer (Football): We played soccer again and that is so much fun. I'm actually pretty darn good at defense. No one can get past me ahahahahah! But yeah Joseph played with us and we are actually inviting him and an investigator named Gbesseh to family home evening tonight with the branch president.
So sorry..not much happened this week but we are working hard. One thing that I realized I need to improve on is to simply forget myself more. I am still pretty selfish. I've been focusing on how much I have improved when I need to focus on how I can help these people. I just need to forget myself more.

Love Elder Christian Lehr

Here's part of a P.S. that he sent to Shannon separately:

I'm always praying for you and the family. I love you so much and know how much you are sacrificing for me and Spencer. I hope Megans baby is ok and I'm so glad for Heather. Both of them :) I got Nicole's letter and Patrick's and that made my day. I know i have your full support and life here is great now. Hard but great. I love the district. We eat together, laugh together and share everything. It's so great.

Love your favorite son :)

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