Friday, August 8, 2014

I am safe - 8/6/14

We received a call from Elder Lehr on August 6th after he had arrived at his new assignment.  He said he was safe and very tired.  He definitely didn't want to fly on anymore planes for awhile. 
His biggest regret is that he wasn’t able to say goodbye to his investigators or to the members who he has come to love so much.  He is concerned for their welfare. When you serve a mission in Africa you pretty much figure you will never see these people again when you leave.  Luckily, facebook and email allows for the ability to stay in contact with some of those people of Sierra Leone who have touched his life. He also will miss all the missionaries he came to love as well as President and Sister Ostler and the senior missionaries.  This part of his mission will be an experience he will never forget and will always be grateful for.

Now he moves on to serve in another area where he can be of good use to the Lord and His work. He will serve in the Louisiana Baton Rouge mission. I'm sure he will love the people from the "south" as well as their variety of food. Now we'll see how often the Krio comes out automatically when he is teaching people.  The rest of his full-time mission will have its own adventures, just hopefully not as dramatic as this last one.

When his brother was in the Provo MTC in December, Elder Bednar spoke to the missionaries there.  He reminded them that they are not "called" to a specific place but they are assigned to serve there.  They are instead "called" to be full-time servants of the Lord willing to serve wherever they are assigned to do so.  May we all be willing to serve the Lord and lift wherever we stand.

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