Thursday, July 24, 2014

Work..lots and lots of work - 7/21/14

Well a quick summary to this week is...well work...lots and lots of work. And it rained almost everyday which is sweet. :) I love the rain. I just can't wait for the 7 day rain that happens here. :) Ok so to start. 

Apartment: Well we have water every night but it is really annoying and troublesome because we have to carry the water up the stairs and fill up buckets and to get enough water to last 1-2 days it takes about an hour or two and we all just wanna sleep when we get back so water is still kind of an issue. But at least we have some water. I have only seen about 10 cockroaches this week and don't worry they are all dead. I made sure of that. Other than that right in front of our apartment is a REALLY loud music place that plays music all day and also right next to them is a muslim man that connects his prayer thing to this giant speaker which is really loud and makes it hard to study. But whatever. At least the apartment is pretty good.

Investigators: We are again pretty much dropping quite a few investigators. But we had 4 investigators come to church and they are all very solid and have fellowshippers. Bro. J is really progressing and is just awesome. He has completely left drinking and marijuana and has reduced his smoking a lot. He really wants to be baptized. And also he is so humble. He has realized that in this great time of tribulation for him God is strengthening him and guiding him. Harold is soooooo funny and is really progressing. He is reading all of his assignments and taking notes. He is always at church and participates. Hahaha one funny quote that I really like from him is "A chapter a day keeps the Devil away." which is so true and awesome. Also Stella is progressing really well.

Members: We have really been working with members recently. We are working with the branch missionaries everyday and also the fellowshippers for our investigators so we had about 12 member present lessons last week and we are trying for 20 next week. I love the members they are so sweet and really want to learn as well. 

Cake: I baked a cake and added some hot chocolate mix to try to make a chocolate cake and it actually worked pretty well. Also we celebrated Elder Chola's birthday on Saturday at Amigos which was really fun. 

Spiritual thought: So something interesting I learned is how much Joseph of Egypt typifies Christ. Joseph was the favored of his father, so was Christ, he was sold by Judah for 20 pieces of silver which was the slave price at that time, Christ was sold by Judas which actually I think is Greek for Judah for 30 pieces of silver which was the slave price at that time, Joseph eventually delivered Israel from the famine, Jesus delivered us all from death and sin if we follow him. Joseph eventually became a ruler and all knees bowed to him, Jesus is the king of kings and every knee will bow to him at his coming. It is so interesting to see this and compare the two. Just an interesting thought. 

Love Elder Lehr

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