Wednesday, July 30, 2014

this week. (clever title i know) - 7/30/14

Elder Kanzler and Elder Lehr

4 Zone Conference with Elder Vinson, visiting authority..Elder Lehr is in the back

So honestly this week has been pretty darn hard. There is so much stuff that needs to be done and I just don't have the strength or time to do it all. But I'm doing my best. This week we really had a lot of bounces and lots of problems in the district. 

Investigators: Well Bro J and Harold are our most progressing investigators. Even though they were not able to come to church this week. They are really good.  Bro J has soo much faith. It was a miracle. When we taught him about fasting he asked if he could fast so that he could get his sight back. We said yes and so he was fasting and within a week his nephew came and paid for him to get his eyes checked by the doctor and now his family is also more willing to help. The Lord really is answering his prayers. It is awesome. If he never had his sight problems he would have never came back to Sierra Leone and would have never met us. But now that he has accepted the truth the Lord is providing for him to be able to get the surgery required to restore his sight. Once he does that just give him 2 years and he will be a Bishop. I'm just saying he is that kind of kingdom builder. 

District: Well pretty much everyone is just trunky for transfer news. Everyone in our apartment wants to leave pretty much and the sisters have been having some major problems. Like one of them left her companion and went up the mountain alone after dark. Ughh I don't know I'm just kind of tired of here (this area). I love the branch and the members a lot I have just been here a long time. I kinda just wanna go back to junior companion and live that awesome life. But I am trying my best to make peace in our district. I'm just glad I have Elder Koopmans and Elder Loketi. 

Rain: One thing that was kind of cool is that this morning we didn't really have to fetch water because it was raining so hard. It was fun to wash with rain water. I just put a bucket outside. Wait 5 minutes and its full. So awesome. I love rain sooo much. It's so peaceful and relaxing to me. I don't know which one I love more rain or snow. 

Ebola: So ebola has reached Freetown so now we are back to the "law of moses." Meaning really strict commandments. For example no more shaking hands at all which is really hard to do. I'm keeping it but it takes a conscious effort. But don't worry about Ebola. The Lord is bound when we do what he says so as long as I am being exactly obedient I have no need to fear. And our preventive measures are adequate.

Awesome Zone conference: So a few things. I was actually able to see Elder Hovley one last time which was awesome. And we had Elder Vinson there. He is in the second quorum of the seventy. It was so powerful. He explained how Jesus taught the entire plan of salvation in the new testament which was mind blowing. I was just like "I didn't know anything. The heavens are being opened up before my eyes." haha It was awesome. And he bore such a powerful testimony. I never got to shake his hand since we can't do that anymore but that was awesome. I felt really inspired. 

Well I'm sorry if this email was a little more down than usual. We just had a lot of investigators that we dropped and bounces and issues. But I am truly grateful for my companion. He has had a hard life and is strong. I have learned so much from him. It's interesting the African companions are always the hardest to relate to but the ones that help me grow the most. 

Anyway I love you all. Thanks for your love and support. 

Love Elder Lehr :)

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